A Book Review.

The Book in 3 Sentences

  1. Travel does not have to be expensive or fancy.
  2. You can learn a great deal by getting away from the tourist traps and getting to learn the real people of a country.
  3. Sometimes you need to go with your gut and experience things.

The tale of the coconut

Especially in today’s world of supply change shortages, raw material shortages, and pandemics, you just never know when needed supplies will no longer be available. …

A Comedic take on the past twelve months

10. Saying, “My co-workers are a little loud today” on a Zoom business meeting to indicate your barking dogs can’t be controlled is neither cute nor funny after the third time.

9. When working from home, the term multi-tasking usually involves some…

An interesting text for the novice or seasoned professional.

Ditch Medicine was written for what the author, Hugh L. Coffee, terms the Pre-Hospital Care Provider (PHCP). Prior to the first pages, the reader is warned that the text contents are to be used only by certified medical professionals. …

When things don’t start quite as planned.

After living through the productivity-killing year that was 2020, we should all be experts at living by the seat of our pants. Yet, for those who love our to-do lists, productivity software, and all those little moleskin notebooks, planning and productivity measurements still are a must.

To that end, I…

A book review.

Whether you are looking to truly start over or to add a little extra privacy in an increasingly conspicuous world, this book by Frank Ahearn has several points for you to consider.

As a former skip-tracer, Frank is an expert in the field of disappearing and in…

Every student out there has but one desire in life…

To not be a student anymore.

We all grow up with the idea that the first twenty years or so of our lives should be spent in a preparatory mode with school and learning. …

Weighty Issues

As the CoVid-19 pandemic continues to rage across the world, a secondary but no less deadly pandemic continues to grow — no pun intended. This secondary pandemic has been going on much longer, kills many more but has not captured the headlines as dramatically.

Obesity kills 2.8 million people worldwide…

Life is not an Instagram post

During this time of unprecedented changes, there is much that so many are suffering from. For many, the suffering is physical — CoVid-19, hunger, or illness brought on by homelessness. However, countless others are suffering, often unseen, with pains of an emotional or psychological nature.

These sufferings can be due…

A thankless job in an auto-correct world.

I consider myself lucky. I had the pleasure of diagraming sentences, learning cursive, and of learning to read using phonetics. This was a time before the cellphone, the home computer, or texting ever existed. …

Jason H. Smith, MD, MBA, FAWM

Chief Medical Officer, Family Physician, blogger and podcaster at docwilderness.com. Educating others on the wilds of nature, medicine and leadership.

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